User’s manual

@BitcoinVoucherBot is an automated Telegram bot that makes possible to purchase bitcoin redeemable vouchers no-kyc in a simple, automagic and confidential procedure. The system has also additional features that make this platform very powerful and complete for entering Bitcoin world with maximum privacy and less complications. Several methods for purchasing bitcoin, swap and more. Look below at the full user’s guide.

Accessing and using the Bot

You can access and use the bot, by chatting directly with it on telegram. This can be done by searching on telegram @BitcoinVoucherBot or simply clicking on the link provided. Since the system supports referral, you can use a referral link to connect.

You should never remove the chat with the bot because otherwise you will lose the possibility to receive the vouchers, own the credits, and get affiliate commissions (please see below).

Bitcoin redeemable Vouchers

What is a bitcoin redeemable voucher? It is a voucher (similar to a amazon, itunes, mobile phone, etc.) card, that you can redeem in bitcoin. This means that you can get bitcoin onchain or lightningnetwork directly on your wallet using such vouchers. No bitcoin custody is involved.

Kind of vouchers available: bitcoin onchain vouchers (that can be sent to a standard bech32 address though an onchain transaction) and bitcoin lightning network vouchers, that can be redeemed simply and immediately with wallets supporting LNURL like phoenix, bluewallet, etc.

The voucher provides also the expire date. Any voucher has a time to live of 25 days, within it must be redeemed. The voucher is always delivered electronically by the mean of a telegram message. No web procedure is involved in purchasing and retrieving the voucher itself.

Privacy advantages

Although the system cannot be considered an anonymous method of purchase, there are several Privacy advantages by the use of this bot:

  • no kyc required within the allowed limits;
  • maximum purchase eur 900 per day;
  • no data asked, just email address;
  • no registration required;
  • the user just purchase a voucher not bitcoin directly (a part in case of BTC/EUR swap); No bitcoin related informations sent when executing the payment;
  • Web-free. No data transmitted across the web during the whole purchase process;
  • Voucher redeem is made to the voucher producer in case of azteco on-chain Vouchers. In this way the distributor does not have any information about the transaction and address where voucher will be redeemed, and privacy is greatly enhanced;
  • In case of EUR/BTC Swap, no APP is necessary, no Website, no external facility. The whole is a pure Telegram procedure which can be performed even connected with TOR.

Voucher transmission

The Voucher is automatically transmitted by the Bot directly to the user by the chat open with it. No data goes out of the Telegram interface.

Payment media

We are working hard to add more and more payment methods. At this moment we have the following methods:

  • Traditional bank account (Sepa)
  • Electronic bank with Sepa Instant supported

[….] more to come

Please note that even on payments supporting Instant Sepa, the refill or voucher emission may take 1 hour, because of interconnection with the bank Apis. This does not depend on us, but on many factors making the connection with the different involved sources.

In case of EUR/BTC Swap, please consider that the payments are normally processed at the evening daily, so in this case, the procedure is not instant. Please see below where talking about the Eur/Bitcoin Swap.

Feature: Single Vouchers purchase

purchase voucher buttonsHere you simply follow a guided procedure for purchasing single vouchers choosing the amount you prefer. There are several amounts Eur (you can choose by pressing a button) . You choose both amount and type (onchain and LN). Then you can specify the preferred payment and you will be provided by all the details to execute the Sepa bank transfer.

The system infact gives you a string to be put in bank transfer reason (or label). This is very important and makes possible for the system to find user’s payment irrespective of payer. The string must be exactly reported onto the payment while making the sepa transfer.

When the payment arrives, the system automatically creates the voucher at the price of bitcoin/eur in this precise instant. A commission of 5% is applied to the price (no spread is applied), the miner fees are added as well for onchain vouchers. LN vouchers has no transaction fees on redeem and their commission can vary from 3% to 5% depending of which type you choose.

The voucher is therefore denominated in bitcoin and sent to the user by a telegram simple message. In order to act with the maximum transparency, the voucher itself shows the bitcoin price in the moment the voucher is issued and the exact amount of service fee. There is no hidden cost and no spread involved. The price matches the realtime spot price of most liquid exchangers.

The user simply receives it on his/her device in a push mode and ready to redeem. Voucher must be redeemed within 25 days otherwise will expire. The expire date is reported on the voucher itself. Beware expired vouchers cannot be redeemed anymore.

Feature: Lightning Voucher

Lightning Vouchers are available at very good service price. You can redeem with the following wallets:

  • Phoenix
  • Breez
  • BlueWallet
  • Wallet of Satoshi
  • BLW
  • Blixt
  • coinos
  • LNbits
  • Shockwallet
  • ThunderHub
  • Zap-Android
  • Zap-iOS
  • ZEBEDEE (and bots)
  • Zeus

Please see the below Video showing how to redeem.

Feature: Liquid Voucher

Another kind of Voucher available is the Liquid one. This can be requested as usual and makes possible to get Liquid-Bitcoin. This can be redeemed onto a Liquid Segwit (lq1) address, for example from Green liquid voucherwallet.


In order to redeem a Liquid Voucher you must have a segwit address (lq1). You can have such addresses using green wallet. Please see this short video on how to setup Green to have liquid bitcoin segwit addresses:

Voucher purchased with credits (using credit voucher): If you use the /purchase command while you have credits (voucher) in your account, you will be prompted to use such credits for the purchase (if they are enough). In that case, the voucher is issued realtime automatically in few seconds.

Feature: Credit Voucher (delayed Voucher)

refill viewAnother possibility offered is to send an amount of fiat of your choice by clicking on /refill. In this way you can send any amount (maximum eur 900) and this will be credited on you chat user as a delayed Voucher. You can always check the amount available using the /credit command. A refill Voucher is issued.

When you have this credit Voucher, you can get one or more vouchers immediately (voucher are auto-generated by you on the platform) without any wait by following the purchase procedure. Infact the system will make available a “purchase by credits(Voucher)” option you can use for paying a new Voucher. Purchase by credits option is shown only if you have enough credit to purchase one of the available voucher amounts.

This makes possible the following features:

  • user can make an immediate purchase during a price dip, for example or whenever you want;
  • user can make an accumulation plan, purchasing immediately in specific moments;

Very important: the voucher generating procedure needs some seconds (sometimes even 1 minute) to complete. You must never stop this procedure, to avoid data loss.

The limit for having no kyc is 900 eur. This is a limit by current regulation and does not depend on any limit of the platform.

Feature: Affiliate

Clicking the command /affiliate you will be provided of a link. You can publish this link wherever you want, the maximum possible. Any time someone enters the bot through this link and makes a purchase, you will be credited by a reward of the purchase value without anything to do. You will be notified when this happens by a message and you will be able to check your running credits by the /credits command. Please note that affiliate does not apply neither to EUR/Bitcoin swaps nor to Atomic swaps.

It is useful to advertise your link as much as possible to have this commission. When reaching the minimum voucher value, you will be able to get the credits in form of a voucher same value. The voucher can be auto-generated by the user.

The Affiliate feature is available for all services shown issuing the /affiliate command.

Feature: Accumulation plan

accumulation planThis feature makes possible to configure a specific accumulation plan to automatically get vouchers issued with a certain frequency. For example you can plan to purchase a small voucher amount daily or weekly or monthly. After configured the plan you prefer, the system runs itself and will issue vouchers at the planned days. Each voucher is transmitted to the user. This kind of plan makes possible to do dollar cost average (DCA). Accessing the accumulation plan facility is done by issuing the command /ap as reminded by the quick links menu

When setting up an accumulation plan you  nee to have a credit inside the facility (refill voucher) and this is used to configure the plan. When you choose the plan you prefer, after confirmation, each order will be scheduled following the chosen plan. The first date is always the day after the configuration has been performed.

lastorders viewThe system will buy and send the vouchers at predetermined dates and you will just receive in your chat. The price will be the market price in the moment the voucher has been issued. There is no time constraint, the only constraint is the day. You can always check the schedule by issuing the /myorders command, that shows last 10 orders scheduled or executed. The tag you will see are

  • OC-A : Onchain type A
  • LN-A or LN-D: Lightning network
  • LQ-D : Liquid network

About A.P. please note, that the accumulation plan cannot be changed after issued.

What is the goal of such a facility? the goal is to allow the user to benefit of dollar cost average on purchases, since each purchase is done automatically on a scheduled moment without having to worry about anything, in a simple way.

When matching the date condition, a voucher is issued and sent to the user by a chat message. The voucher can be redeemed as usual, in the same exact way you usually do with vouchers purchased realtime. Do not change your telegram user while a AP has still scheduled operations, otherwise you will not be able to receive issued vouchers.

Feature: Coin Swap (Onchain,LQ,LN,USDT)

atomic swap bitcoinvoucherbotThis procedure makes possible to atomically swap between Bitcoin onchain, Liquid, Lightning without having to go out from the Telegram bot. No web procedure is necessary, no APP and therefore no data or cookies are collected. The system asks interactively about the swap the user is going to perform. The kind of swap, the amount and the destination address. Then the swap is prepared and waiting for transaction.

The swap remains valid for 15 minutes. After that the swap is expired and cannot be completed anymore, so the incoming transaction must be started within that time.

When the swap is prepared a summary is displayed, very similar to a voucher. A QR code with payment details is shown and you can scan with your favorite wallet. Also the receiving address and the amount to pay and to receive. The difference beween what is paid and received is the sum of the miner fees (for onchain transactions) and the swap fees. So the displayed value is final.


Feature: Direct EUR/Bitcoin Swap

This is a new feature. This makes possible to send a Sepa bank transfer and get the amount changed (swapped) directly on your bitcoin address without further activity (this is similar to other Swiss services, but does it all into a Telegram application, without the need of a webpage or an APP, in order to increase the privacy and data confidentiality). All the operation is driven inside the Telegram Bot, you can run also the Bot with TOR, no filter will block the interaction. Here the advantages compared to competitor solutions:

  • No-web procedure; You don’t take the risk to make a web procedure, where your data otherwise can be sniffed and acquired;
  • No APP required; you don’t need to download or install anything on your mobile;
  • No registration required;
  • No IP address gathered;
  • No cookies set;
  • Pure Telegram procedure;
  • Onchat team support;
  • Only spot price, no additional spread;

All those features to give you an enhanced privacy with your purchase. Even in this case the limit for No-Kyc requirement is 900 eur/day. Purchase of higher quantities are also possible but need Kyc procedure to be completed. It is also available a Web interface for doing the same kind of swap. In case of Web interface, please be informed that as any standard website, cookies are set and IP is known by the running server.

How is the payment processed. All payments are automatically processed once per day at evening (Swiss time). For example: if you pay with Sepa bank transfer at the morning, very likely your order will be processed the evening of the same day. You will get a message on your Bot’s chat when the Bitcoin transaction is confirmed.

Please note: Since this kind of purchase is made under Swiss regulations, a digital signature of a provided message with your wallet is required to be compliant. The system simply provides a small text that you just have to digitally sign on your wallet with the private key corresponding to the address provided for receiving the bitcoin. This procedure is required by swiss laws to be sure that the receiving address really belongs to the user. Please see below this short clip showing how to do this kind of order using Bluewallet as receiving wallet.


Feature: BUY EUR (Voucher)

This is a new very interesting feature. With this feature you can pay an invoice Lightning and get FIAT to your bank account. Just choose the appropriate value you want to get and go on following the procedure. At the end, if first time, you can set your details (data needed to receive a bank transfer) and that’s it. You will receive the amount the current working day. So let’s resume the procedure:

  1. Click on /purchase, then click on “BUY EUR”
  2. A set of buttons will be displayed. Choose the amount you want to receive and click the button
  3. A Lightning invoice will be displayed. Just scan it with your Lightning wallet in order to pay it. The amount to pay is including all fees.
  4. Once the payment is completed, the system will process it. Around 20 minutes are needed for the payment to be fully acquired after the Lightning payment is completed
  5. When all is set, you will receive a message confirmation. The message will carry also the notice to set your details in order to receive the amount
  6. if first time, just click the /setdetails command and provide your banking details (all necessary to receive a bank transfer)
  7. If not the first time, your data are probably still there
  8. When you completed all the steps, all is ok. Just wait the fiat to arrive on details you provided. This process is once per day

Please bear in mind what follows:

  • Only SEPA bank transfers are allowed to IBAN codes (Europe)
  • Sepa transactions are executed asynchronously once per day


Feature: Check network fees and price

fees viewThe system makes possible to retrieve current network fee status and spot price in real time. Just issue the /fees command to have a full view of network status with graphics. This is important to understand if it is a good moment to purchase or not.

Provided data comes from use of different facilities. Mempool data, for example, comes from blockstream public informations and can be considered full realtime.

Even if it is not possible to change network fees used by each voucher (because set by the system), nevertheless this view make you aware about the status of the mempool, the distribution of fees and the average values used in this moment. This is important to predict how much time would be needed by the redeem transaction of a voucher just issued.




Feature: Sats to Lightning Address

Sats to Lightning Address  You can define a Lightning Address. For example you can get one at GetAlby wallet for free or with any other facility. When you have defined and provided your Lightning Address, you can convert an amount of existing credits in Sats to be pushed to your Lightning Address. This is very fast and easy.