NFC Lightning Card


This is a NFC Lightning Card, connected to your SatsMobiBot Lightning Wallet, which is available on Telegram. With this card you can spend to shops where Lightning Bitcoin is accepted and the POS device supports NFC technology. You can control Sats and transactions using SatsMobiBot on Telegram or Zeus Wallet. You can move Sats from/to the Card whenever you want. You own the Card keys.

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This is a NFC card, connected to your SatsMobiBot Lightning Wallet, which is available on Telegram. Important prerequisites: When you order this card, please be sure to be connected to SatsMobiBot on Telegram and to BitcoinVoucherBot on Telegram. If you never used them before just go to it and run /start command. Your Telegram user must have a username set for the system to work properly, as well.

Full description

The SatsMobiBot is able to show you spendable balances and transactions. You can top up your card from there. The amount that you have there is the amount you can spend with the card. For security reasons your card has fixed spending limits, which are by default:

  • 500k Sats in a single transaction
  • 1M Sats daily

The card can be accepted everywhere Lightning payments are accepted and a NFC device is used for the payment. NFC is the technology which makes possible to pay just with a touch of your card. Being Lightning a early technology, the transaction may fail, depending on the shop where you are using it.

Card Keys

You own your card keys. You can in any moment disconnect your card from the system and rewrite the card. The keys belong to the user. You can also immediately empty your card account to an onchain address you own. Just be sure to be also a user of BitcoinVoucherBot (just opening first time and hitting /start is enough). From that bot, then hit the command /getcard. Here what you get:

  • the private wipe keys of the card. You can use these keys to wipe out your card and disconnect from our system whenever you want. Just bear that using the wipe keys provided by writing them to the card is an irreversible action and will definitely disconnect the Card from SatsMobi and the whole system.
  • withdraw all the funds back from the card to your on-chain address whenever you wish.

Open source Software and Open Standards involved

All the Card system is based on opensource software and standards.


The card is delivered as standard letter without signature. No registered mail, no courier/parcel is used. Just simple letter. It’s your responsibility to provide your correct address as we cannot check it. We will send to the address provided without any additional check.

Tools to manage the Card

The card can be managed immediately by the following tools:

  • SatsMobiBot Telegram Bot Wallet;
  • Zeus Wallet on mobile. In order to do this, first time, just run command /link on the SatsMobiBot and scan the resulting qrcode with Zeus;
  • BitcoinVoucherBot for getting the wipe keys and/or recovering all the balance on-chain;