KYC Personal Verification

The identity verification is a KYC procedure for users who wants to purchase vouchers above the allowed no-kyc limits and for long-term relationships. This procedure is for personal relationship only. When procedure is completed and accepted, the bank transfers must always come from the same person who matches the account and the verification data.

Documents required

  • Identity document front and back in color scan
  • Utility bill not older than 3 months (electricity for example)
  • a selfie of the document holder with identification document in hand and a piece of paper with Date, “For Bitcoinvoucherbot KYC”, signature.

The user must also provide his userid on the platform.

Informations required

  • Name, Surname, official address (to be matched on the utility bill), date of birth, place of birth, citizenship;
  • Mobile phone number, valid email.

In order to perform the operations, please register to the automated facility: