Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do Vouchers expire?

A: Yes Vouchers has a Time to Live of 25days (26 calendar days). After that time they cannot be redeemed anymore and they are lost. Therefore please redeem within that expiry. The best is to redeem within 24 hours since they are issued. Explicit expire date is reported onto the Voucher itself.

Q: Why the available banks change depending on hours or Voucher type?

A: Fast payments methods are kept available only during support hours, in order to assist customers in case of troubles. Also some banks are used for some kind of Voucher and not for others. This may be tied to administrative reasons or depend on the Voucher or service issuer.

Q: How long have I to wait for a Voucher to be issued when paying with R evolut?

A: Normally these payments are detected from 1 hour to 3 hours but this does not depend on our company or on our software, but on the bank. In case of issues on bank’s API, this time can be longer. We cannot in any case push the bank or affect processing times. The automation by the Bot needs time to process the order as well. In case the bank API is down for some reason, the payment method will not be available until it comes back running again. This time frame may be wider in case of issues on the sender bank (ask you bank). Pushing support agents is not useful, since they have no link with bank and cannot affect processing times.

Please note that at the moment this mean of payment is unavailable.

Q: How long have I to wait for a Voucher to be issued when paying SEPA with a traditional bank?

A: Traditional banks’ SEPA payments normally arrive between 0 and 3 working days. Traditional banks are closed during holidays and weekend so no order can be processed while the bank is closed. In many cases if the customer pays in the morning, the payment arrives during the day.

Q: How long have I to wait for a swap EUR/Bitcoin?

A: In this case the payment must be done through SEPA to the proposed bank. The payment should arrive between 1 and 3 full business days (holidays and saturday/sunday are not business days). Order processing is done during the evening (Swiss time) of the day when payment is received by the target bank. The bitcoin transaction is made as a batch once per day, normally at evening time.

Q: What happens if I make a payment but forget to write the “payment reason” or write a wrong one?

R: In this case the system is unable to find and match your payment. It’s your responsibility to contact the support to ask a manual match of your payment. Support may ask you the payment receipt in order to find and validate.

Q: Why some services provided have different rules than others?

A: Because the BitcoinVoucherBot is a marketplace which integrates several services and may be connected to many third parties, for this reason there are several jurisdictions involved.

Q: What is the coin swap?

A: It is a service which converts atomically from a coin to another. We actually support: Bitcoin Onchain, Liquid-Bitcoin, Bitcoin Lightning Network, Liquid-USDT.

Q: What does this phrase mean?: “bitcoin sent to wrong addresses are unrecoverable and lost”

A: It means that you must pay great attention in pasting or writing your bitcoin (or liquid) address for redeem. In case you put a wrong address, bitcoin will not be recoverable anymore. So you must double check carefully your addresses.

Q: What do the symbols on purchase button mean?

A: They mean:

  • 💧 symbol used for referring to Liquid bitcoin
  • ⚡ symbol used for referring to Lightning Network
  • ⛓  symbol used for referring to Bitcoin onchain

Q: What is Liquid-USDT?

A: This is USDT (Tether) with transport on Liquid network. Beware it is the same USDT asset, but trasported by the Liquid network. For this reason you must not provide a ERC20 (ETH) address for receiving this kind of asset. You need a Liquid address. Normally the wallet Green is used to manage Liquid-Bitcoin and Liquid-USDT.

Q: How to redeem an onchain Voucher with Telegram only procedure (BitcoinVoucherBot on-chain -yellow ones-)?

A: PROCEDURE FOR REDEEM (BitcoinVoucherBot on-chain -yellow ones-) from TELEGRAM (general)

  1. open the chat with BitcoinVoucherBot and identify the Voucher you received
  2. click on the link on the Voucher
  3. you will arrive in a second chat (RedeemBot), press the START button at the bottom of the screen
  4. paste your bitcoin address after checking it

PROCEDURE FOR REDEEM (on-chain) from TELEGRAM (using bluewallet)

  • on the wallet bluewallet click on blue colored box
  • click on “receive” at the bottom
  • a qrcode and an address under the qrcode will be shown.
  • copy the address under the qrcode starting with bc1q
  • go to the voucher on-chain, click on the link “Redeem on Telegram”.
  • click on START at the bottom of Telegram
  • will ask you for your onchain segwit address. Paste the address copied from bluewallet
  • after having double checked the address, please confirm
  • wait for the transaction to complete


Q: How to redeem a Liquid Voucher?

Green liquid segwitR: You need to have a Green Wallet (best on mobile). Create a new liquid wallet (if you dont have one already). The be sure to have segwit addresses:

  1. If the green bar on the top is showing “legacy”, then you can just click it to switch to Segwit addresses.
  2. So click it and set segwit
  3. At this point you can click on “receive” to get a segwit address (lq1q). Please see the image.





Q: How to create a Green Wallet and get segwit liquid address

A: please see this short clip