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A Bitcoin Marketplace for: Vouchers that you can redeem in Bitcoin instantly (On-chain, Lightning, Liquid), Coin Swaps, EUR/BTC Swaps, Accumulation plans. Services are distributed across several providers.

Scan on your mobile and connect to the Bot


Because there is no need of a website or an APP. Avoid mobile APPs or Web pages which gather Informations and degrade your privacy. Great advantages: No-web procedure, no APP, no IP gathered, no cookies set, pure Telegram procedure. Enhanced privacy.

From telegram

All purchase procedure is driven within Telegram. No-Web and no APP necessary

Privacy enhanced

Minimum data required within thresholds.

Privacy-Fist Approach

Topping up with a Bitcoin Voucher is exactly the same as topping up a mobile phone. No documents within thresholds, no risks.

Fast & Easy Work

Procedure is quick and easy and just works. No Software or APP is necessary. ATM Like procedure.

A Marketplace of services

  • On-chain, Lightning, Liquid Vouchers.
  • Coin Swaps.
  • EUR/Bitcoin Swaps.
  • Accumulation Plans.
  • Lightning Services.


Best features for staying secure.

Privacy oriented

Minimal data required within thresholds. No web, No APPs. Just Telegram.


Simple Telegram interface. No risks associated to the Web. No IP or cookies gathered within Telegram


All services though the Bot, pure Telegram procedure.


Vouchers are issued just upon receipt of funds. No delays. Some services are real-time


Team is reachable for pre-sale and after-sale needs.

Confidential redeem

Onchain Vouchers, Lightning, Liquid. All redeemable through the Bot.

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Start an order right now. You can always stop the purchase procedure if you change idea. No risks.

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